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This papaer was originally published as Parasuraman, B and Jones, M, Joint Consultation Committee in the Malaysian Postal Industry, Proceedings of the AIRAANZ (Association of Industrial Relations Academics of Australia and New Zealand) Conference, Adelaide, 1-3 February 2006.


Employee participation (EP) is an important area of research in the industrial relations field (Heller, Pusic, Strauss and Wilpert 1998; Markey, Gollan, Hodgkinson, Chouragui and Veersma 2001; Harley, Hyman and Thompson 2005) The literature discusses two different forms of EP: direct and indirect participation. This paper will discuss indirect participation and more specifically examine the process of a joint consultation committee (JCC) in the Malaysian postal industry. Fundamental arguments will focus on two aspects. Firstly, how the postal industry uses their JCC model to improve employee participation, and secondly, based on the work of Marchington (1992; 1994) which model of JCC best explains the practices of the postal industry in Malaysia. Research findings indicate the adjunct model of JCC best explains the practices of JCC in the postal industry. The study provides a theoretical extension of the models proposed by Marchington.