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This conference paper was originally published as Abraham, A and Kaidonis, M, Towards improving learning outcomes for international students: the master of professional accounting embedded literacy project, in Kent, J (ed), Proceedings of the Accounting Educators Forum 2006 (pp. 1-22), Sydney, 23-24 November, 9-19. Wagga Wagga: Charles Sturt University.


This paper presents the University of Wollongong’s collaborative project to embed English literacy in key accounting subjects of the Master of Professional Accounting (MPA). The project will develop a curriculum prototype for embedding literacy which enhances learning in general as well as English literacy at an academic/professional level. Embedding both situated and transported literacies will also assist students in understanding discipline related material and enable critical evaluation of issues within the subject. The overall aim of the project is to improve the teaching and learning of MPA students who are predominantly international and not proficient in English, so that both their technical and English skills are augmented. Commencing with a pilot study in the foundation subject in the first semester of 2007, the project will provided a structured, systematic focus on embedded literacy, based on collaboration between accounting academics and colleagues with expertise in linguistics and learning development. The resultant constructive learning environment will enhance students’ learning experiences in the subject, course and University.