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This article was originally published as Jones, ML, Using software to analyse qualitative data, Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research, 1(1), 2007, 64-76.


While quantitative analysis software eg. SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) have been in vogue amongst researchers for some time, qualitative analysis software has taken a lot longer to acquire an audience. However, the use of software for the purpose of qualitative analysis can provide tangible benefits. Appropriate software can shorten analysis timeframes, can provide more thorough and rigorous coding and interpretation, and provide researchers with enhanced data management. This chapter examines qualitative data analysis; illuminating some of the difficulties and moves to a discussion on the often contentious use of analytical software. Evidence within the chapter points to the clear advantages that qualitative data analysis software can provide users. One such product – QSR NVivo – is discussed with an expansion on the benefits that this product offers qualitative researchers. The reader is also taken by the hand for a brief practical overview of the program. The chapter concludes with a quick look at what the future has on offer for researchers contemplating the use of this software.

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Malaysian Journal of Qualitative Research