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Sun, Z., Finnie, G. & Sun, J. (2005). Four new fuzzy inference rules for experience based reasoning. In Y. Liu, G. Chen & M. Ying (Eds.), Fuzzy Logic, Soft Computing and Computational Intelligence (IFSA2005) (pp. 188-193). Beijing, China: Tsinghua University Press, Springer Verlag.


Experience-based reasoning (EBR) is a reasoning paradigm used in almost every human activity such as business, military missions, and teaching activities. However, EBR has not been seriously studied from a fuzzy reasoning viewpoint. This paper will give an attempt to resolve this issue by providing four new fuzzy inference rules for EBR. More specifically, the paper first reviews the logical approach to EBR, in which eight fundamental different inference rules for EBR are discussed. Then the paper proposes fuzzy logic-based models to the four new inference rules in EBR, which forms a theoretical foundation for EBR together with the four traditional fuzzy inference rules. The proposed approach will facilitate research and development of EBR, e-commerce, and experience management .