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This article was originally published as Zeitun, R, Tian, G and Keen, K, Default probability for the Jordanian companies: a test of cash flow theory, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, 8, 147-62, 2007.


This paper aims to investigate the effect of cash flow and free cash flow on corporate failure in the emerging market in particular Jordan using two samples; matched sample and a cross-sectional time-series (panel data) sample representative of 167 Jordanian companies in 1989-2003. LOGIT models are used to outline the relationship between firms’ financial health and the probability of default. Our results show that there is firm’s free cash flow increases corporate failure. The result also shows that the firm’s cash flow decreases corporate failure. Firms’ capital structures are fundamental in predicting default. Capital structure is seen as the main factor affecting the probability of default as it affects a firm’s ability to access external sources of funds. Jordanian firms depend on short-term debt for both short and long term financing.