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This article was originally published as: Kriflik, GK, and Kriflik, L, Integrating Information Literacy to Enhance Postgraduate Learning, The International Journal of Learning, 13(1),2006, 129-142. To reproduce this article seek permission from the publisher Common Ground. Publisher information is available here.


Sourcing appropriate and reliable information is an area of skill development that requires active intervention to support the learning of postgraduate students. The investigative case study presented in this paper discusses the design, the application, and the preliminary outcomes of a group of tasks that were structured to enhance the information literacy skills of a class of postgraduate students at an Australian university. After providing the background, with reference to the literature, the discussion reviews student performance in the tasks set and the quiz questions used, as well as the students' reaction to this intervention. The results of the trial suggest that there are benefits to be derived for enhancing student performance through the active development of information literacy skills.