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This conference paper was originally published as Kriflik, G and Jones, R, Minimising attainment deficit: A leadership process theory, in Proceedings of the 15th ANZAM Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 2001.


Leadership as a process was found by RTA workers to fulfill their need for attaining their potential in their jobs. This article presents an overview of this substantive theory which emerged during a Grounded Theory study. Minimising Attainment Deficit, the process, comprises a number of Leader Strategies which aim to modify workplace conditions and so alter workers’ behaviours. The fundamental premise of this theory is the workers’ perceptions of their own potential and their perception of what they are currently achieving, and that any shortfall in achievement results in an Attainment Deficit. Minimising Attainment Deficit Unleashes workers to achieve higher productivity whereas failing to minimise Attainment Deficit Limits workers and results in low productivity.