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This paper was originally published as: Lazarevski, K, Irvine, H & Dolnicar, S, The Effect of Funding Changes on Public Sector Non-Profit Organisations: The Case of Bushcare NSW, 4th International Nonprofit and Social Marketing (INSM) Conference 2007, Griffith University Brisbane, Australia, September 27–28 2007.


Research into non-profit organisations abounds, but public sector non-profit organisations have been neglected. Recent funding incentives have led to significant changes in the market environment for such organisations. This study describes market changes and explores the reactions of one environmental public sector non-profit organisation, Bushcare NSW, to these changes. This paper contends that, within this institutional environment, non-profit organisations more successful in attracting large amounts of external funding have better administrative structures in place, whereas those less successful find themselves confronted with burdensome administrative duties. Neo-institutional theory provides a theoretical basis for this empirical investigation. Funding changes have had a major impact on Bushcare organisations, those more successful in attracting grants reporting significantly fewer recent administrative changes.