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This article was originally published as: Linger, H, Hasan, H & Burstein, F, Integrating doing and thinking in a work context: an Australian knowledge management perspective, Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems, 2007, 19(1), 59-86.


This paper aims to provide evidence for the proposition that the Australian Standard creation process parallels a direction of KM research pursued by Information Systems (IS) academics in Australia. Two theoretical frameworks, one task-based and one activity-based, are used in this paper to amplify the innovative insights of the Australian Standard, providing a more substantial theoretical base that is grounded in the practice of integrating production (doing) with the conceptual and cognitive work (thinking) that underpins that production within a specific work context. We demonstrate that the Australian Knowledge Management (KM) Standard, developed by a committee of KM professionals and academics with the input from of a wider community of knowledge professionals working in diverce Australian organisations, has resulted in a representation of KM that is organically aligned with these two theoretical frameworks.

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Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems