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This paper was originally published as: Dolnicar, S, Getting more out of three way data - simultaneous market segmentation and positioning applying perceptions based market segmentation (PBMS), 30th EMAC Annual Conference, CD Proceedings, Bergen, Norway, 8-11 May 2001.


Perceptions based market segmentation (PBMS) is a simple framework for market structure analysis integrating the issues of segmentation and positioning. The only requirement is the availability of three-way data (numerous respondents evaluate numerous brands according to numerous attributes). The implicit consideration of interrelations between positioning and segmentation prevents unharmonized strategic marketing decisions and enables managers with clear strategic goals to analyze market information in depth and arrive at a profound basis for segmentation and positioning decisions. In this study, PBMS is applied to deodorant data. The simultaneous treatment of all three data dimensions enables insights into deodorant brand images (among men) that go far beyond analysis of average perceptions for each brand over all respondents.