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Chad, P. A. (2013). Extending the use of market orientation: transforming a charity into a business. Australasian Marketing Journal, 21 (1), 10-16.


Charities play a crucial role within society but are facing growing competition. Adopting a market orientation assists for-profit organisations to improve performance and can potentially also assist charities. This paper examines the under-researched topic of how market orientation can be appropriately introduced into a charity, and the resultant effect upon performance. A charity that introduced market orientation is examined using a discourse transformation framework. Thematic analysis of in-depth interviews of employees identifies how management changed the organisation through use of a three-phase process of new managerialism, professionalism and embedding. Few if any papers have previously examined how management of a charity can successfully implement a market orientation. The paper thus expands our knowledge regarding implementation of market orientation, utilises a discourse transformation framework for examination of market orientation, and provides charity managers with worthwhile information regarding how market orientation can improve performance - for the benefit of society.



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