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Burgess, L. & Jones, M. L. (2012). Championing SME eCollaboration. In H. Rahman & I. Ramos (Eds.), Cases on SMEs and Open Innovation: Applications and Investigations (pp. 240-252). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.


Collaboration and eCollaboration are arguable necessities for firms in today's economic age. Gone are the times when a firm could stand alone in the market warding off the competitive pressures of rival firms. Today, just the competitive forces of globalization alone are significant drivers to enable collaboration amongst rivals. The advantages of collaboration and eCollaboration for SMEs are profuse, providing small firms a measure of economic security in a world in which many industries face hyper-competition, particularly from countries with very low costs of labor. In discussing the nature and advantages of eCollaboration, the need for an eCollaboration champion becomes apparent. This case discusses eCollaboration from the perspective of 70 Australia SMEs and presents a model for the successful championship. In so doing, it discusses the multiple roles a champion must embrace and the various issues and dilemmas that are contingent to these roles.



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