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Akter, S., D'Ambra, J. & Ray, P. (2011). Viewing systems as services: the role of service quality. 2011 International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS2011) (pp. 1-18). Shanghai, China: AIS Electronic Library.


The significant and sustained growth in services worldwide prompts IS researchers to give special attention to service and service concepts as core aspects of the IS field. This study proposes that ‘viewing systems as services’ is critical to extend the focus of technology-business alignment in service science research. The study evaluates the influence of mHealth service quality on satisfaction, perceived value and continuance intentions using an interdisciplinary approach. The conceptual model is rooted in the traditional cognition - affective– conation chain but explicitly identifies system quality, interaction quality and information quality as the core dimensions of mHealth service quality. The model is validated in the context of a business-to-consumer (B2C) mHealth service systems using PLS path modeling. The results confirm that service quality has a direct impact on continuance intentions and an indirect impact through perceived value and satisfaction in mHealth service systems.

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International Conference on Information Systems