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This paper was originally published as Collier, HW, Teaching and learning in China and Asia, Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Waikiki, 18-21 June 2003.


As the ‘Far East’ enters the WTO and the world economy, change is inevitable. The more developed economies will undoubtedly lead the way, and the change agents are more than likely to come from outside the area at least for a while. Beginning in 1973, many of the Chinese students and scholars who studied in the West did not return to China. Many of my current students who have the opportunity to leave do not intend to return. However, there is an increasing number who will return. As more and more of these student graduates return to China and to Malaysia and Singapore and other countries in the region, they will lead the processes of change. They will challenge the status quo from the inside and the changes are inevitable. The dual right vs. wrong, good vs. evil will change to a more relativistic approach to learning and eventually the society will begin to evaluate and think rather than memorize and repeat. The process of change has begun. It is up to us to promote the exchange of ideas and work together to ensure that our world grows peacefully and sensibly.