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Chang, J. & Lewis, C. (2009). Loyalty in media sharing websites: the case of universal music group. Journal of Internet Business, 7, 21-41.


This paper aims to discuss the concept of how businesses can build loyalty using media sharing websites such as YouTube. More specifically, this case study will discuss how Universal Music Group created a successful channel in YouTube, and how loyalty can be generated using such a method. This study will be implemented by reviewing relevant theory in loyalty and analyzing YouTube and Universal Music Group's content in its channel within. The content analysis method is applied in this study, as it is regarded as a major research technique for understanding the design and functions of websites (McMillan, 2000). Using media sharing websites such as YouTube enables businesses to showcase their products to a wider audience, creating awareness that can lead to exploration and the fostering of relationships. Based on loyalty theory, this information to gain a competitive advantage in offering product information to a wider audience, fostering relationships between themselves and the public, and building loyalty using online communities such as YouTube in particular. This paper addresses the concept of generating loyalty in media sharing websites. Such a concept is important as more and more businesses turn to the online environment to gain a competitive advantage.