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Aloudat, A., Michael, K. & Abbas, R. (2009). Location-Based Services for Emergency Management: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective. International Conference on Mobile Business (pp. 143-148). China: IEEE.


This paper investigates the deployment of locationbased services for nationwide emergency management by focusing on the perspectives of two stakeholders, government and end-users, in the cellular mobile phone value chain. The data collected for the study came from a single in-depth interview and open comments in a preliminary end-user survey. The themes presented have been categorised using a qualitative analysis. The findings indicate that although governments and end-users believe that location-based services have the potential to aid people in emergencies, there are several major disagreements over the proposed deployment. This paper is an attempt to help determine the underlying motivations and impediments that would influence the decisions of both stakeholders and also towards providing a better understanding of the anticipated role of each party in such a deployment.

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