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Abbas, R., Michael, K., Michael, M. G. & Aloudat, A. (2009). The current state of commercial location-based service offerings in Australia. International Conference on Mobile Business (pp. 188-195). Dalian, China: IEEE.


Location-based services (LBS) provide geographic data for a variety of purposes, and through numerous devices such as mobile phones, GPS navigation systems, palm pilots and increasingly desktop computers. Presently, there is scant information relating to the current state of the LBS market, specifically location-based service applications in Australia. This study makes use of usability context analyses to examine Australiapsilas three leading telecommunications operators- Telstra, Optus and Vodafone- with a view to providing an overview of the types of services and solutions presently offered and targeted at the consumer, business and emergency segments. There are two units of analysis (i) the company at the upper level, and (ii) the usability context at the lower level. A number of general, regulatory and future considerations and questions are also posed in the paper to indicate the future research direction.

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