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This paper originally appeared as: Sun, Z and Finnie, G, Experience based reasoning for recognising fraud and deception, Fourth International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, 5-8 December 2004, 80-85. Copyright IEEE 2004.


Fraud, deception and their recognition have received increasing attention in multiagent systems (MAS), e-commerce, and agent societies. However, little attention has been given to the theoretical foundation for fraud and deception from a logical viewpoint. We fill this gap by arguing that experience-based reasoning (EBR) is a logical foundation for recognizing fraud and deception. It provides a logical analysis of deception, which classifies recognition of deception into knowledge-based deception recognition, inference-based deception recognition, and hybrid deception recognition. It will examine the relationship between EBR and fraud as well as deception. It uses EBR to recognize fraud and deception in e-commerce and MAS. The proposed approach will facilitate research and development of recognition of fraud and deception in e-commerce.