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Watts, T. & Strong, T. (2005). Improving outcomes by improving student satisfaction: a case study of a small accounting program. 5th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Business 2005 Conference Proceedings (pp. 2873-2888). Hawaii (on CD ROM): Hawaii International Conference on Business.


This paper documents the intervention strategies implemented by members of the Accounting Discipline within the School of Business and Informatics at the Australian Catholic University, to improve the status of the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) program by improving student satisfaction during 2003 and 2004. Five areas were targeted with the expectation of improving student satisfaction and through this the status of the program. These were the effective use of sessional staff, the effective allocation of full-time staff, the proactive response to student evaluations, greater commitment by sessional staff and the introduction and use of common subject outlines. It is argued that improvements in these areas lead to improvements in several key performance indicators of teaching and learning displayed in the 2003 and 2004 University Subject Evaluation Program. This resulted in dramatic improvements in the areas of good teaching, generic skills and overall satisfaction, as measured by the Federal Government's Course Experience Questionnaire. Improvements in the accounting program's entry score were also identified, although numerous factors outside the control of the University make it difficult to state with any certainty that a relationship exists.

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