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Al Qaimari, G. (2005). Increasing human-centred software development maturity in software development organizations. In K. Soliman (Eds.), Internet and Information Technology in Modern Organizations: Challenges and Answers (pp. 73-80). Cairo: IBIMA.


Interactive development requires the collaborative efforts of traditional software engineering and human-centred design (HCD). Organisations that develop interactive products must establish a multidisciplinary culture and integrate human-centred design into the software development process. Appropriately, selected metrics coupled with an effective measurement program assess an organisations competency level in defining, practising and integrating human-centred activities into traditional software development. The capture and dissemination of experience affords benefits of reuse to be conferred organisation-wide. Quantitative assessment of human-centred process performance, as part of routine quality assurance activities, raises an organisations human-centred maturity in the Usability Maturity Model capability scale.