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Akter, S. & Hani, U. (2011). Modeling the effects of quality in a transformative health service. Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference 2011: Proceedings (pp. 1-9). Perth, Western Australia: ANZMA.


Understanding the effects of service quality on economic (i.e., continuance intentions) and social (i.e., quality of life) outcomes is critical to extend the focus of transformative service research. This study specifies mHealth as a transformative service and models the impact of its overall quality on satisfaction, continuance intentions and quality of life. Based on cognition - affective - conation chain, the conceptual model explicitly identifies convenience, confidence, cooperation, care and concern as the primary dimensions of mHealth service quality. The study validates the higher-order quality model and its association with subsequent latent variables using PLS path modeling. The findings confirm that quality has a significant impact on satisfaction, continuance and QOL in the context of a transformative mHealth service.