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Korlimbinis, K. & Algie, J. (2004). Young retail fashion shoppers: hunters and gatherers. Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (pp. 1-7). Wellington, New Zealand: Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy.


Store layout and design are crucial components of a retailer's image and reflect a significant percentage of shopper's first impressions of a store - which can either attract or deter potential buyers. However, the current store layout and design of many retail fashion stores largely reflects the shopping preferences of female shoppers, as they shop more frequently and have a greater interest in fashion than men. Given the recent increase in young males shopping for their own clothes, more research and attention needs to be devoted to this target market. Originally content analysis of 17 men's fashion retailers was undertaken to identify two distinctive stores. An experimental design was then used to apply a projective technique of a thematic-appreciation test, using digital photos of each of the two stores, to obtain participants' perceptions of retail atmospherics. Cluster analysis of 228 participants' responses to shopping-attitude items on a questionnaire, from a convenience sample of University students, found a new, more simplistic and practical bi-polar categorization of shopping behaviour. There are hunters - who exhibit distinct preferences in how they want to approach their "prey" and there are gatherers - who enjoy searching for fashion items.