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Hasan, H. & Crawford, K. (2003). A Multifaceted Approach to Distributed Communities of Learning and Practice. In M. Korpela, R. Monteale & A. Poulymenakou (Eds.), Organizational Information Systems in the Context of Globalization (pp. 37-47). Athens, Greece: Kluwer.


In the electronic age, locally-driven regeneration of the concept of community could be enabled by a flexible, multifaceted model where new information and communication technologies are the catalyst. However technology, no matter how advanced, is far from providing the complete answer and it is essential to take an integrated socio-technical approach to this issue. This paper reports on two cases that are part of ongoing research into distributed communities, framing them as phases of an activity system in expansive learning cycles in the context of a program of innoyatiye learning. This research d!monstrates that such communities are viable. with a wide range of henefits however more work needs to be done in order to detennine if they are sustainable, economically and socially, in the future.