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This paper was originally published as: Hasan, H & Crawford, K, The application of Go*Team to network-centric characteristics, Simulation Industry Association of Australia Conference (SimTecT 2006) ,Melbourne, 29 May–1 June 2006.


Many organizations are adopting network-centric configurations in which workers leverage information and make operational decisions through the collaborative efforts of small agile and self directed teams. Go*Team is a computerised client-server team version of the ancient Chinese strategy game of Go that has been designed to simulate contexts requiring complex collaborative strategic activity by teams. The system has been developed and is already breaking new ground in the way it provides a medium for research and training in the area of network-centrism. In particular, the capability of Go*Team to simulate a network-centric environment, with appropriate constructs and protocols, can be constructively employed in Go*Team sessions to provide valuable research and learning opportunities. Although it originated through the interests of the military, the socio-technical Go*Team system has broad applications for business, government and community organisations. This paper discusses its potential for applications in practice, training and profiling, and both applied and theoretical research. This system is now at a turning point to bring these to fruition.

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