Exploring the determinants and dimensionality of SME eCollaboration trust



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Burgess, L., Parrish, B., Jones, M. & Seritti, L. (2012). Exploring the determinants and dimensionality of SME eCollaboration trust. In A. Davila, M. M. Elvira, J. Ramirez & L. Zapata-Cantu (Eds.), Understanding Organisations in Complex, Emergent and Uncertain Environments (pp. 129-142). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


SMEs are now an important and integral part of a country's economy and have been acknowledged as being very different to their larger counterparts (Street and Meister, 2004). The economic viability of many economies is dependent on the survival and future growth of this sector. However, small firms are increasingly exposed to competition from larger, resource-rich firms; therefore, it is not uncommon for SMEs to become involved in collaborations to grow their business, increase their competitive position and leverage opportunities presented by new technologies (e-Collaboration) (Lawson and Hoi, 2007). Although emerging research suggests that e-Collaboration is vital for the future survival of small to medium-sized businesses (Henttonen and Blomqvist, 2005; Lawson and Hoi, 2007), it also stresses that dealing with issues surrounding trust becomes of paramount importance. This chapter presents a discussion on the role and importance of trust in collaborative SME environments and provides a starting point from which to develop an understanding of SME e-Collaboration trust, its determinants and dimensionality.

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