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Treleaven, L., Sykes, C. & Ormiston, J. (2012). A dissemination methodology for learning and teaching developments through engaging and embedding. Studies in Higher Education, 37 (8), 747-767.


Dissemination of learning and teaching innovation in higher education requires approaches to change that are socially contextualised, dynamic and self-reflexive. This article, therefore, presents a methodology for dissemination employing an embedding heuristic and engaging in participatory action research. The embedding approach emphasises three organisational domains of action: first, the capacity of communities of practice and distributed leaders to generate organisational commitment and seed activities; second, formal and informal organisational policies and procedures that provide reciprocal processes for initiating and systematically sustaining curricular change; and, third, accessible resources, tools and databases that support implementation of innovation. The methodology is applicable for disseminating innovations beyond disciplinary silos across faculties, and more widely, potentially across universities and other institutions. Academic leaders, academic developers and others charged with facilitating pedagogical change may find this dissemination methodology applicable to embedding innovation in a range of domains, and as a useful heuristic for planning, diagnosis or evaluation.



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