Root causes of ineffective healthcare delivery and their mitigation



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Boehme, T., Williams, S., Childerhouse, P., Deakins, E. & Towill, D. (2012). Root causes of ineffective healthcare delivery and their mitigation. 4th Production and Operations Management World Conference (pp. 1-10). Amsterdam, the Netherlands: EurOMA.


Managing healthcare supply chains is claimed to be more complex due to the imperative of assuring accurate medical supply for patient wellbeing. Many improvements in this sector have failed or delivered only pockets of good practice. The authors argue that healthcare delivery should be considered as a holistic system which is most effective for smooth and seamless flow. A systems approach to business process improvement can also be exploited for planning and executing healthcare delivery programmes and sitebased auditing of healthcare delivery systems. Hence, this paper reports an investigation of eight Australasian hospitals to understand why the healthcare systems, despite decades of effort, struggle to enhance their processes. The paper concludes that unfortunately most hospitals studied are stuck in vicious circles. One case is presented that managed to break through that vicious circle and set on a path to implement a seamless healthcare system.

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