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Akter, S. & Kondo, F. N. (2007). Mobile information services marketing to serve the BOP market. Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE APSCC (Asia Pacific Services Computing Conference) (pp. 480-487). Danvers, MA: IEEE.


Wireless technologies have created an unprecedented opportunity for direct marketing to communicate with customers in an instantaneous, interactive and customized way. At present the number of mobile customers in the world have already exceeded 3 billion and among them two third of the customers are coming from the developing countries where there is high growth of mobile penetration and mobile service consumption. Our study has focused on this developing segment to market mobile information services to the unconnected and deprived customers to solve their problems at the robust pace. The paper has recommended some basic information needs as well as some quality factors and regulatory issues which are significant to customers and influence the flow of this information value chain.



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