The application of the Quick Scan Audit methodology in SME's



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Boehme, T., Ma, Y., Childerhouse, P., Corner, J., Seuring, S., Basnet, C. & Deakins, E. (2007). The application of the Quick Scan Audit Methodology in SME's. 20th Small Enterprise Conference: Building Sustainable Growth in SMEs (pp. 1-12). Manukau City, New Zealand: University of Waikato.


One of the main themes in supply chain management is integration along the supply chain. An integrated supply chain enables companies to improve performance and competitiveness. The Logistics Systems Dynamic Group at Cardiff University developed the Quick Scan Audit Methodology (QSAM) in order to be able to assess the current performance of an organisation’s supply chain and identify potential improvement opportunities. The methodology has seen application in both a wider range of industrial sector such as the heavy industry and countries; however the QSAM has been predominantly applied to large organisations. This paper aims to present the application of the QSAM in a New Zealand based SME. The research findings are twofold. Applying the QSAM to an SME expands the initial focus of the QSAM (supply chain) to an enterprise scan by researching supply chain related areas (e.g. staff development or strategic direction of the company). Secondly, the investigation identifies possibly generic poor supply chain management practices of a SME.

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