The quick scan audit methodology: A supply chain diagnostic approach



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Childerhouse, P., Towill, D., Boehme, T. & Deakins, E. (2007). The quick scan audit methodology: A supply chain diagnostic approach. In K. S. Pawar, C. S. Lalwani & M. Muffatto (Eds.), 12th International Symposium on Logistics: Developing Sustainable Collaborative Supply Chains (pp. 195-201). Nottingham, UK: Nottingham University Business School.


There are many paradigms proposed in the literature as the means whereby the performance of supply chains may be improved. Often such principles are accompanied by waves of publicity aimed at convincing busy executives that this is the singular and indispensable route forward. Consequently, small differences between approaches may be amplified by the consultant in an effort to gain business. In contrast, there is a perceived shortage of objective methodologies for the reliable and consistent auditing of value stream performance, and that build confidence regarding any claims for causality. The objective of this research paper is to fill this gap by detailing a rigorous supply chain diagnostic.

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