How business schools manage: Do they practice what they preach?



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Day, N. & Peluchette, J. (2006). How business schools manage: Do they practice what they preach?. In S. Carraher (Eds.), Proceedings of 2006 Midwest Academy of Management: Leading and Learning - What's Ahead for Management Education (pp. 1-20). Louisville, KY: Midwest Academy of Management.


Using Pfeffer's (1998) typology of the high performance human resource management practices, this study examined faculty and department chair perceptions as to the extent to which US schools of business utilize such practices. Results show that respondents perceive that management practices are fairly strong, although they do not see tight linkages between rewards and performance. Department chairs tend to see management practices more favorably than do faculty. There are few differences among respondents based on personal and institutional characteristics. Implications of these findings and suggestions for future research are proposed.

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