Students' postings on Facebook profiles: "What were they thinking?!"



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Karl, K. & Peluchette, J. (2008). Students' postings on Facebook profiles: "What were they thinking?!". Proceedings of 2008 International Academy of Management and Business (pp. 1-15). San Diego, California: International Academy of Management and Business.


This paper examines factors that influence why students post information on their social network profile which employers would find inappropriate. We found that compulsive internet abusers were more likely than non-abusers to post inappropriate information. Individuals who were high on public self-consciousness were more likely than those low on public selfconsciousness to post inappropriate information. Students who believed they portrayed a hardworking image were unlikely to post inappropriate information whereas students who felt they portrayed an image that was sexually appealing, wild, or offensive, were most likely to post inappropriate information. Our results also suggest that students who are “OK” with employers or family viewing their profile tend not to portray an image that is sexually appealing, wild, or offensive. In contrast, those who appear to intentionally portray such an image are ok with strangers viewing their profile. Implications, limitations, and directions for future research are discussed.

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