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Lehman, C. M., DuFrene, D. D., Cameron-Dow, J., Barrett, M. & Murphy, W. (2012). BCOM Asia Pacific Edition. (1 ed.). Australia: Cengage Learning.


BCOM Asia Pacific Edition is specifically aimed at business students studying communication skills in a business degree. In today’s fast-paced business environment, communicating effectively with multiple audiences is more essential—and more challenging—than ever.

BCOM is a concise and engaging introduction to the principles of business communication. The text combines a strong emphasis on sound writing principles with practical coverage of real-world spoken, electronic, and written communication situations and strategies that play a vital role in modern business. BCOM is enriched with an abundance of model documents and local and global examples to help students translate communication theory into applied best practices.

A new approach to learning the principles of business communication, BCOM is the Asia–Pacific edition of a proven, innovative solution to enhance the learning experience. Concise yet complete coverage supported by a suite of online learning aids equips students with the tools required to successfully undertake a course in business communication.

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