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Kattiyapornpong, U. & Miller, K. E. (2012). Propensity to Shop: Identifying Who Shops Til They Drop. Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing, 29 (6), 552-565.


Tourist shopping expenditure is a vital ingredient which contributes significantly to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the nation. Past research has stressed the importance of specific demographic variables related to shopping behaviour; however, it has not included interactions between or configurations among demographic variables, shopping related psychographics, and shopping destinations. This study seeks to address that gap. The data was collected from a large representative sample of 26,686 Australian domestic short-stay visitors. Binary logistic regression found that demographic variables and their specific interactions were significantly related to tourist shopping behaviours as well as psychographics, trip motivation and their shopping destination propensity, when tested simultaneously. The findings assist destination marketing managers to identify and target specific domestic short-stay tourist shoppers.



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