Accounting in other wor(l)ds: a feminism without reserve



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Shearer, T. L.. & Arrington, C. E. (2005). Accounting in other wor(l)ds: a feminism without reserve. In N. B. Macintosh & T. Hopper (Eds.), Accounting, the Social, and the Political: Classics, Contemporary and Beyond (pp. 217-226). Amsterdam: Elsevier.


Sexual identity, like economic identity, is a product of historical systems of discourse and representation: that is, sexual identity is produced culturally and linguistically. In this case, even the body iteself is not pre- or acultural. Instead, it is a socially inscribed "sexed" body, a body often constructed and made meaningful as either phallic (the masculine) or castrated (the feminine). Viewed in this light, sexual identity is not essential or biologistic. Instead, it is an artifact of morphology, produced through disursive effects.

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