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This paper was originally published as: Chi, X & Spedding, TA, A Web-based Intelligent Virtual Learning Environment for Industrial Continuous Improvement, IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics 2006, Singapore, August 2006, 1102-1107. Copyright 2006 IEEE.


Training in an industrial context is becoming more dynamic and time consuming due to the daily emergence of new technologies and the onset of globalization. People from higher education institutions and industries have applied various heuristic teaching methods in order to inspire students to acquire knowledge in a manufacturing and industrial context. Artificial intelligence techniques has been used for many years in educational systems, however the presentation of domain knowledge is one of the most concerning issues which stems the evolvement of the industrial training systems development. In this paper we present a web-based intelligent virtual learning environment which is designed for the training of industrial continuous improvement techniques. Emphasis is placed on neural network and multi-agent techniques to build state-of-art domain knowledge models which demonstrate realistic industrial environments.