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This paper was origignally published as: Dolnicar, S & Grabler, K, Evaluating geographical target markets – an aggregated portfolio approach for improved managerial decision- making, in Griffin, T & Harris R (eds.) Proceedings of the 9th Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Tourism Association (APTA), University of Technology, Sydney, 2003, 1, 169-175.


Lower Austria is one of nine Austrian provinces. It is therefore responsible for the selection of the geographical target markets in tourism. This task seems simple at first, but turns out to be quite complex due to enormous uncertainties, as earlier publications demonstrated (Mazanec, 1986a and b). This article (1) proposes a practical solution for the theoretical problems of defining markets and choosing the time period, and (2) provides an analytical basis for the RTO (regional tourism organisation) of Lower Austria in focusing on particular geographical target markets.