Animation of the evolution of surface finish with wear



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Spedding, T. A. (1996). Animation of the evolution of surface finish with wear. Tribology International, 29 (3), 241-249.


In recent years one of the most significant developments in surface metrology has been the three-dimensional characterization of engineering surfaces. The impetus for this development was primarily motivated by a need for a more realistic visualization of surfaces than the traditional two-dimensional surface profile could provide. There have been several approaches to three-dimensional characterization of engineering surfaces including using time series and fractals. A significant application of these mathematical models would be to use them as the basis for the animation of the evolutionary changes of the surface with wear. By considering simple wear models, this paper demonstrates how computer animation illustrating the evolution of a three-dimensional surface with wear may be realized. Non-Gaussian fractals and time series are used as the basis for three-dimensional characterization and the animation is achieved using the standard morphing techniques provided by Autodesk 3D Studio.

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