A simulation technique to investigate rough surface scatter



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Sweeney, F. & Spedding, T. A. (1986). A simulation technique to investigate rough surface scatter. Wear, 109 (1-Apr), 43-56.


The need for a non-contacting on-line surface assessment system has long been acknowledged as an important requirement in production engineering. Unfortunately most of the numerical information necessary for analysing the surface finish of production processes is difficult to obtain using optical techniques. In this paper an initial attempt to evolve a more applicable optical assessment technique by investigating how the properties of the scatter distribution vary as light is re-radiated from a variety of real and simulated surfaces of varying character is described. This is achieved using a computer technique which simulates the effect of light scattering, based on scalar wave theory, from engineering surfaces. To verify the results of the simulation, engineering surfaces are assessed using an He-Ne laser system. The results obtained from this exercise are shown to be similar to those predicted by the simulation within the constraints applied and so suggest that this approach could form the basis of a powerful analytical tool which could further our understanding of the optical surface assessment of production processes. ?? 1986.

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