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Laesser, C. & Zehrer, A. (2011). Predicting online travel purchases: the case of Switzerland. CAUTHE 2011 National Conference: Tourism : Creating a Brilliant Blend (pp. 422-429). Adelaide, Australia: University of South Australia.


This paper examines why and under what conditions prospective travellers complete their bookings through online services compared to other methods. The study is based on a representative survey within 1,898 Swiss households, recording their travel behaviour during the entire year 2007. The results show that the likelihood of booking online increases if someone is drawn to a website to gather information in the first place and if the product sold through the website is transparent and well-understood (either 'per se' or because the customer is familiar with the product) or if any other booking-related communication would impose a financial charge regardless of the socio-demographic background of the prospective traveller.