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Chad, P. (2012). The use of team-based learning as an approach to increased engagement and learning for marketing students: a case study. Journal of Marketing Education, 34 (2), 128-139.


Marketing educators are often faced with poor preclass preparation by students, declining student interest in attending classes as the semester progresses, and student complaints regarding previous bad experiences with team assessment activities. Teambased learning (TBL) is an innovative teaching strategy using semiformalized guidelines aimed to enhance student engagement and improve teamwork and, hence, overcome the typical problems faced by educators. This case study examines the firsttime use of TBL in a postgraduate marketing subject at an Australian university. The results indicate that the TBL innovation has a positive influence on student engagement and offers opportunities to assist learning. The study concludes that TBL is an effective teaching process enabling educators to offer students enhanced and stimulating learning experiences. The case study contributes to the marketing education literature by assessing the first-time TBL experience of students and educator. Key issues addressed are student engagement, opportunities for learning, and the benefits of teamwork in preparing students for the workforce. Significantly, the research also offers practical advice for marketing educators desirous of developing and implementing effective and engaging pedagogy via TBL.



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