The importance of 'bragging rights' to tourism marketing



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Kerr, G., Lewis, C., Burgess, L. (2012). The importance of 'bragging rights' to tourism marketing. The New Golden Age of Tourism and Hospitality: Council for Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (CAUTHE) (p. 108). Melbourne, Australia: CAUTHE.


It is the objective of this work to discuss the relevance of "bragging rights" to tourism management and marketing. Academic literature linking bragging rights to tourism is limited. No evidence has been found to suggest that bragging rights has been the subject of academic research. In order to explore this issue, both tourists and tourism marketers were interviewed. Focus groups, comprising a convenience sample of tourists, were conducted. Destination marketers were also interviewed based on their standing as being industry experts (see Mulin, 1989). Based on our findings, we propose that there are roles for social groups, travellers, and tourism marketers. The model suggests that there are actions and consequences, which are sequential, and (importantly for a destination) can be managed by a destination marketing organisation (DMO). The model has four stages: conditioning gaining, enabling and communication. Each stage is now briefly discussed. We do not propose that bragging rights determines destination choice. We suggest that our model will be of interest and use to practitioners and furthers literature about bragging. It is our intention to continue research into bragging rights with one possibility being an action research approach with researchers and practitioners working together to implement and measure the impact of bragging rights tactics in a destination.

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CAUTHE National Conference 2012

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