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Cheng, Z. (2012). Layoffs and urban poverty in the state-owned enterprise communities in Shaanxi Province, China. 13th Annual Global Development Conference 'Urbanization and Development: Delving Deeper into the Nexus' (pp. 1-41). New Dehi, India: Global Development Network.


This paper applies a mixed methods approach that combines qualitative and quantitative methods to examine urban poverty in China’s state-owned enterprise communities where laid-off workers concentrate. A sequential explanatory model using interviews, Participatory Poverty Assessments and community household survey on textile and military industries in Shaanxi Province of northwestern China shows that low-income households suffered multidimensional disadvantages. Qualitative techniques have helped to reveal the hidden aspects of poverty while statistical tools have captured holistic information on the communities. These approaches together (Q-squared) consider both the outsiders’ and insiders’ views on the laid-off poor and benefit the making of effective anti-poverty policies.

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GDN 13th Annual Global Development Conference



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