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Peluchette, J., Karl, K., Coustasse, A., Rutsohn, P. & Emmett, D. (2011). Professionalism and social networking: can patients, physicians, nurses, and supervisors all be `friends'?. 25th Annual Australia New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (ANZAM 2011) (pp. 1-20). Wellington, New Zealand: ANZAM.


This study examines the use of Facebook by certified nurse anesthetist students. Our results showed that, contrary to expectations, most were neutral about faculty, physicians, and supervisors viewing their Facebook profiles but expressed concerns about patients seeing such information. Many (30%) of our respondents had observed unprofessional content posted on the social network sites of their classmates including: intoxication or substance abuse, profanity, sexually suggestive photos or comments, and negative work-related comments. A vast majority indicated they would accept a ‘friend’ request from their supervisor and a physician but not a patient. Surprisingly, about 40% had initiated a ‘friend’ request to their supervisor and/or physician they work with. Implications and directions for future research are discussed.