The French Contribution to the Early Development of Accounting Theory and Beyond



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Sy, A., Mickhail, G. M., Okcabol, F. & Tinker, T. (2011). The French Contribution to the Early Development of Accounting Theory and Beyond. Proceedings of the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting (pp. 1-39). Denver, CO.: American Accounting Association.


PurposeThis paper introduces the literature of Francois Quesnay that speaks to twocontemporary problematics: first, the humankind¿s relationship with Nature(specifically with Land). Second, Quesnay¿s Tableau¿the forerunner of studies ofeconomic instability induced by ruptures between, inter alia, finance, production,and consumer sectors.Design/Methodology/approachUsing numerous historical sources and relating them to today's dilemmas.FindingsThat today's economic and financial crises has sent the literary-minded scurryingback to the classics for insight and succor. The dastardly exploits of the Ponziartist Bernie Madoff call to mind THE GREAT GATSBY (F. Scott Fitzgerald,1950)or THE WAY WE LIVE NOW [Anthony Trollope, 1941]Originality'When hard-core free-marketeers like Richard Posner (2009) are questioning theefficacy of capitalism, the works of Quesnay, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and KarlMarx are being fished out of the dustbin of history (Daniel Gross, The New YorkTimes International Edition, July 2009).1 This paper uses Quesnay's work andapplies it to present-day problems.

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