International outcomes through groupwork in transnational higher education



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Bell, M. E., Smith, L. & Vrazalic, L. (2008). International outcomes through groupwork in transnational higher education. In L. Dunn & M. Wallace (Eds.), Teaching in Transnational Higher Education: Enhancing Learning for Offshore International Students (pp. 148-159). New York, NY: Routledge.


Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, some fantastically shaped as waves or sails rising through the haze from the desert floor. Artificial waterways bring the ocean into the desert forming marinas, lakes and canals for acres of new waterfront properties. Offshore islands appear in shapes of palm trees and crescent moons. Giant desalination plants supply inland lakes for housing developments set amidst manicured green lawns and cascading fountains. Walking across the university campus past the neat sandstone buildings, it is only the sandstorm that reminds one of the remarkable fact that in 1970 the United Arab Emirates did not yet exist. Here were the sheikdoms on the Gulfs of Arabia and Oman, a harsh and arid environment of Bedouin groups and fishing villages.

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