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Boksberger, P. & Laesser, C. (2008). Segmenting the senior travel market by means of travel motivation - Insights from a mature market (Switzerland). CAUTHE Council of Australian University Tourism and Hospitality Education (pp. 1-13). Gold Coast: Griffith University.


The paper reports on the segmentation of Swiss senior travellers on the basis of their travel motivation. Switzerland is considered a mature market which is why this country serves as a role model for future travel behaviour. In contrast to previous studies, which identified up to six clusters, the results reveal that in the case analysed there are three clusters. Two of them partially represent a life cycle concept: TIME HONOURED BON VIVANTS (phase 1; towards the end of a professional life), and GRIZZLED EXPLORERS (phase 2; from the start of a retired life). These two segments are complemented by RETRO TRAVELLERS, which incor-porate many characteristics of the previous two but differentiate themselves in terms of educa-tion as well professional positions.

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