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Basil, D. Z. & Erlandson, J. (2008). Corporate Social Responsibility website representations: a longitudinal study of internal and external self-presentations. Journal of Marketing Communications, 14 (2), 125-137.


This research undertakes a longitudinal study to assess the representation of CSR activities on Canadian companies' websites. A systematic sample of the websites of 159 companies from Canada's top 1000 was assessed in 2003 and 2006. Results reveal that only 27% expressed some form of CSR activity in 2003, compared to 67% in 2006. Based on a frame from Weaver, Trevino, and Cochran (1999a), CSR activities are categorized as external or internal. A strong increase in internal CSR activities is evident. Companies that are more successful indicate more CSR activity on their websites; this effect is driven primarily by internal CSR. Implications are discussed.



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