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Rossiter, J. R., Langner, T. & Esch, F. (2005). Dimension-based versus relation-based brand name design: a test of different psycholinguistic theories. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Research in Advertising ( ICORIA) (pp. 110-119). Germany: Saarland University.


Conveying distinctive and coherent brand associations is a key concern of modem brand management. Brands with a concise, consumer-relevant, and unique brand image are preferred by consumers. This study considers the contribution brand names can provide to building customer based brand equity. Recent cognitive theories of conceptual combination fonn the theoretical basis for analyzing consumer reactions toward brand names. Following these theories, three techniques to integrate brand name and product are developed. Reaction time measurements and association tests show that the techniques presented are an effective and efficient means to convey a brand's image.

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International Conference on Research in Advertising