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This paper was originally published as: Dolnicar, S & Grun, B, The User Friendliness of Alternative Answer Formats, ANZMAC 2006 CD Proceedings (Australia and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Brisbane, Queensland, 4-6 December 2006.


Despite the increasing resistance of consumers to participate in market research and the vast amount of literature on the methodological superiority of certain answer formats over others, the issue of user-friendliness of different answer formats has not been investigated extensively in the past. We contribute to this area of research by investigating respondents’ preferences for one of five answer formats. The preference is not measured hypothetically, respondents are invited to choose their preferred format and complete the questionnaire in the respective version. Results indicate that ordinal (polytomous and dichotomous) scales are the respondents’ favourite choices. These favourite answer formats are – after having experienced them in the questionnaire – perceived as equally pleasant and equally capable of capturing the respondents’ opinions.